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Purple Haze 6
by *RuuRuu-Chan

Purple Haze

By: Aurora Collins

Disclaimers: I do not own Inuyasha or any of the characters associated with it. I'm only borrowing the characters to amuse myself and hopefully others. ^__^

Ch. 6 Sufficient Suffering

How long had she been in this place? How much longer would she have to wait? Kagome never knew that she could dream so much and live a life within her head. She thought that while she was frozen all would be dark and time would fly like by in the blink of an eye. No, instead she lived in a world that held many people from her past and what she didn't understand was why Sesshomaru was the lead role. He kept invading her endless summer days in the fields of Feudal Japan. The sun was high in the sky, a slight breeze grazing the flowers that never ended and Lord Sesshomaru always sitting by the edge of the well. Whenever she approached him he would extend his hand out to her; beckoning her to come forward.

She did as she was bade to do and went to him. He would grab her hand and move her into a kiss that was nothing but sweet nectar when his lips touched hers. Kagome knew that is when the dream was supposed to end, but the loop kept repeating in different circumstances. It happened once by the river and another time at the market. His kisses soon became the familiar and to steal them was like heaven. She never had dreams about Inuyasha like she did in her past life and she wondered why they didn't happen now. Perhaps it was because in real life Sesshomaru extended his hand out to her when she needed help, instead of using her.

The last dream she had was the most memorable. She was at the market again and Kagome wore a beautiful blue and gold kimono. There were intricate flowered designs embroidered along the sleeves and hem of the material. She was shopping for something, but she didn't know what. At the end of the street was Sesshomaru and it looked like he was inspecting the fruit. This market was part of his kingdom of the Western Lands and she could tell that his people loved him. Kagome wondered what happened to him to make him lose all of this. Granted, he still had power in her time disguised as a human; but it must have been hard to become what he had to be in order to survive.

Kagome finally reached the lord and he set the apple back down on the stand. He stood nearly a foot taller than her as he stepped closer to her. He took her kimono sleeve between his fingertips and felt the material. A small smiled came to his lips as he gazed into Kagome's eyes. "This kimono looks very well on you," he commented at her blushing face.

"I'm glad you approve Lord Sesshomaru. What brings you to market this time?" she asked.

"I could lie and say I came to inspect the market, but the truth is that I came to inspect you," Sesshomaru said boldly.

Kagome felt her face become even more heated, "Sesshomaru you're a naughty boy."

"I can be more than a naughty boy if you just allow me to be," Sesshomaru grabbed her by her waist and pulled her to him.

"Your sweet kisses are all I need," Kagome reassured him.

"A demon of my stature requires more of his woman than just sweet kisses. Come to my domain and share my bed with me; become my mate," Sesshomaru ventured as he got closer to her moistened lips. Kagome got on her tippy toes awaiting the kiss that she always anticipated. He stopped short and said, "This time you will not receive my kiss."

"But why not?" she questioned in a mewling whimper.

"Because it's time to wake up…."

The beeping sounds from the alarms resounded within her consciousness. Kagome opened her eyes and saw nothing but a blurry image. She felt weak and drained of everything that made her feel alive. Kagome moved and could feel the slime-like gel that encased her when she first went into cryopreservation chamber. It was mostly drained now and all that was left were the remnants of the awful gunk. There were tubes connected along her arms, chest and legs still. She took her wobbly arms and began to slide the needles out from under her skin. The tubes easily slipped away as she slowly began to sit up.

It took most of her strength to do just that in her padded pod. She wiped the grime from her face and looked around to see an empty corridor with other pods that had yet to be opened. She wondered if there was a malfunction in her pod and that worried her because she might not have been cured yet. She had to find someone before the PHV continued its assault on her body. Kagome struggled out of her pod and fell abruptly on the floor. She slowly crawled as fast as her weakened limbs could take her. She eventually made it around the corner and that is when she saw it. Through a huge window she saw the vast reaches of space and the planet Earth just below. The shock overtook her body as she fainted.

"What do you mean you had her pod opened up?" Sesshomaru nearly yelled at the doctor in front of him.

"She was on the schedule and all I did was press the button at the main control station. The team should have been there to retrieve her body and take her to the care unit," the older man fumbled out with his shaking voice.

Sesshomaru growled, "You mean there's no one there right now!?" Now he was more than mad; he was furious.

"No one called in to tell me otherwise. I assure you this never happened before. I'm sorry Lord Sesshomaru," the doctor continued to tremble at his masters forceful tone.

"If anything has happened to her you'll pay the price," Sesshomaru said as he walked out of the room. The door automatically slid opened.

The doctor ran after the dog demon, "Where are you going?" "To fetch her and don't follow me," the lords last order was absolute as he left the man trembling at the knees.

He quickly walked down the corridor and knew where to go. The pods were all stacked high to conserve space.  It was lucky that her pod was on the bottom row because any higher and she could have fallen to her death. The pods were selected by a machine and brought down to ground level where a salvage team was ready to prepare the patients for examinations and then hopefully recuperation. Any patient with the PHV still intact even after the antidote would be exterminated. They didn't want the chance of it coming back now that it completely vanished. The Earth still wasn't safe to live on just yet, but they hoped it would go back to normal. There were also several humans that couldn't take the treatment bestowed upon them, but Sesshomaru was proud to say that a little more than half survived. That still didn't help the population of humans because they were now an endangered species.

Sesshomaru made it down to the bottom level where the pods were stored and came to the row and quadrant where Kagome was laid to rest. His stride quickened as he came to pod #A203. When he finally reached his destination he found that the pod was completely empty. His nose scrunched up as he used his senses to pick up her scent. When he looked on the floor he saw the green gel trail around the corner. He followed it until he came to the person he was trying to locate. "Did she drag herself all the way over here?" Sesshomaru whispered to himself.

It should have been impossible for her to do that considering that all the patients that came out of their coma were bed ridden for weeks before they could even sit up. She must have been desperate to find someone. He kneeled before her and his nostrils flared as her scent finally reached him. Sesshomaru saw her naked body and he felt his cheeks heat up. He looked away as he took his jacket off and laid it over her. He didn't know if giving her his blood for an antidote worked or if they were bonded. It was too soon to tell because when the antidote was made it slowed the process of a mate being recognized. It would be a couple of days before he would feel any affects, if there were any. Sesshomaru thought it rather odd that demon blood worked as an antidote to the PHV, just like venom from a snake cured a snake's bite.

He picked her up with his muscled arms and he realized just how small she really was compared to him. Kagome looked so tiny and fragile that he was almost scared to hold her close. He swallowed hard as he escorted her to the main hospital wing of the space ship. As he carried her he wondered how he would explain everything; about where the virus came from, about how everything came to be, how long she was out, about Inuyasha, and most importantly her brother. Kagome would want all the answers at once, but would her body and mind be able to handle it? Sesshomaru didn't know and he still wasn't good at handling situations like this. Inuyasha was out of the question to explain things to her because he would make it about him. That hanyou would stress her out so much that she might go crazy. He had to protect her.

      The great lord gently carried her to her new room where she would be thoroughly examined and dressed. Hopefully the tests would come clean, but with his blood as the antidote there should be no reason why not. Sesshomaru lay Kagome on the bed as that idiot of a doctor came in.

"Dr. Campbell, you disappointed me for the last time. I don't want you anywhere near her. Do you understand?" Sesshomaru growled out as he towered over the encumbering fool.

The old doctor was still shaking, "Y-Yes Lord Sesshomaru."

"Get a real doctor in here and while you're at it, go retire," the demon barked out.

Dr. Campbell bowed his head, "Very good sir. This old man would be glad to retire." The doctor left the room immediately to get the team that would assess Kagome.

      Sesshomaru was requested to wait outside of the room and it felt like hours before someone finally came out to explain to him what the results were. "Her tests came back negative and she's healthy. Her body is functioning properly  and it amazes me that she moved that far in the first place. From my experience I can tell that she'll recover faster than most. Be rest assured Lord Sesshomaru that she will be al lright. At the moment I gave her a sedative to keep her asleep so that she can rest from her ordeal. She'll be sore when she wakes up," Dr. Cyrus explained as he went through his charts. Sesshomaru nodded, "Good."

      Without another word Sesshomaru went into Kagome's temporary room. He wanted to see her himself to make sure that she was actually there. The door slid open and he entered the room. She looked normal enough with a bed gown on and the covers up to her chest. He breathed out, not realizing that he was holding it in. Sesshomaru sat next to her bed and gradually held her hand. He didn't know why he had to do that, but he felt better doing it. He would remain next to her until she woke up because he couldn't trust anyone to do their job right when it came to Kagome.
      Why was there pain everywhere? Kagome forced her eyes open and she was in a daze after everything she'd been through. Had she really seen the Earth, the Moon and the stars? It must have been the shock of waking up so suddenly and she was hallucinating. Or maybe she didn't wake up at all and this was all a nightmare. When she was asleep she dreamt of nothing but warm summers and a lovers embrace, so why would a nightmare come so suddenly? Her head ached from thinking about all of it and that is when she felt a grip on her hand.

      Kagome looked down and saw someone she wasn't expecting. It was the great Lord Sesshomaru asleep at her bedside. Maybe this was a dream after all. She felt a heated blush streak her cheeks as she recalled all their kisses. Although they weren't real, they felt real enough. It was a ridiculous thought to think that this demon actually cared for her. This was reality now, wasn't it? Kagome moaned as she forced herself to sit up and pull her hand gently from Sesshomaru's grasp. That is when Sesshomaru began to stir. Kagome stilled, holding her breath.

      Sesshomaru sensed that Kagome was awake now, but he just wanted to lay there. He wasn't a coward, but he was still devising a way to explain everything to her. It could take hours or even days to reiterate all that happened when she was in hibernation. He didn't want to burden her with too much or it could ruin her. Sesshomaru decided that it was time to face the music and open his eyes.

      Kagome saw those golden orbs look straight at her and she felt her heart skip a beat. The last time she felt that was when she was a teenager in love with a hanyou. "G-Good morning Sesshomaru," Kagome breathed out in a rasped voice.

"Water," Sesshomaru replied as he grabbed a glass by her nightstand. She was about to grab it until Sesshomaru came close to her.

"You don't have the strength to hold this glass. Let me help you," he said as he extended the glass to her lips. He tilted it and she gulped it slowly, but it still seemed like she had a hole in her lip. Water dribbled down her chin before Sesshomaru took the glass away.

      He quickly got a napkin and wiped her face with it. Kagome felt heat on her face at this intimate interlude, but all it was, was water. "My apologies Kagome," Sesshomaru whispered. Could this demon really be that considerate? She recalled Sesshomaru mentioning Rin and how she taught him about human emotions. It was very possible and perhaps a blessing.

"T-Thank you," Kagome looked away as she ushered this.

      "Is this a dream?" Kagome blurted out. Sesshomaru couldn't help but smirk at that question. He shook his head, "No, this isn't a dream. Why would you ask that?"

"Nothing…" Kagome trailed.

"Is it because you saw the Earth?" Sesshomaru inquired. That wasn't why she asked, but Kagome surmised that it would be a good enough lie.

Kagome nodded, "Yeah, I saw the Earth and I guess it was a shock to me."

"You did wake up suddenly, but don't worry about the virus. You don't have it anymore," Sesshomaru explained to the miko.

Kagome breathed out with a sigh of relief, "Oh good. I was worried about that. I crawled out of the pod because I thought it opened up prematurely and I was worried that I might have the virus still."

      Sesshomaru stood up from his chair and Kagome got an anxious look on her face. It was like the demon read her mind, "I won't be gone long. I have to check on some things with my work. Until I come back just rest. It will be some time before you back to your original strength."

"I don't feel that weak. I feel sore, but that's about it," Kagome said with honesty.

"Hnn, I'll have the doctor look at you because that's highly unusual for someone who just woke up from cryogenic sleep," he mentioned as he made a motion to leave the room.

Kagome's eyes widened, "What if I need you?"

Sesshomaru didn't glance back as the door opened, "Don't depend on me so much miko."

Then he was gone.

      Kagome felt bad after he said that and left. She was depending on him so much already and she just woke up. He was so nurturing just a moment ago and then turned a little cold. Kagome wondered if she did something to upset him. Kagome thought about it as she leaned back into the pillows of her bed. Now that she looked at it the bed seemed odd. It move as she moved, always forming to the contours of her body. It was actually pretty cool whenever she shifted her body around. She looked around the room and saw gadgets scattered around that she'd never seen before. Besides the new surroundings, she was more curious on how long she'd been asleep. Had it been five years? Twenty years? Maybe a hundred years? Kagome chuckled at the thought of that much time passing. It was impossible that she was asleep for a hundred years. A complete fiction if she ever heard one.
      Sesshomaru felt bad about leaving Kagome like that, but if he wasn't harsh with her then she would have convinced him to stay with her. He felt compelled to help her because he was her donor and in becoming her donor he gave the responsibility of caring for her. An endangered species needed to be looked after. If he wasn't mated to her then she would have to go into the breeding program as soon as she was able. All those that didn't get mated with their donors have to in order to keep the human race going. Sesshomaru didn't want to think of that as a possibility because she would be paired up with a random human; someone she didn't know.

      Sesshomaru sped up his steps as he got to his office. He had a meeting that he was already late to. He prided himself on being punctual. The dog demon took the glider elevator up several floors until he got to his floor, where his office, workspace and living space were located. When he entered his floor a voice reverberated off the tele-speakers. "Welcome Lord Sesshomaru. Today's temperature is still set at seventy degrees. The time is 8:09 am and you're currently late for your 8:00 am meeting. You have another meeting scheduled at noon today, and another at 2:45 pm…."

Sesshomaru interrupted the telecom, "SSU, please be quiet."

Ssu (Sue), also known as SSU. It stood for Secretarial Speaker Unit responded, "Yes Lord Sesshomaru." Sesshomaru could already tell that today was going to be a long one.

      He entered his office and saw his appointee sitting in the guest chair. He turned around and met the great dog demon with a smile. "Hey Sesshomaru; glad to see you. I mean Lord Sesshomaru," the guest continued to grin, "I was so excited when you called me of all demons to your office."

Sesshomaru took his seat behind the micro desk, which had the whole desk top as a fully automated screen. Sesshomaru tapped on his desk and a window popped up with a file on it. "I called on your for special reason Shippo," Sesshomaru glanced up. "I need your help with a case and I think you're the only one who can help me with it. As you know Kagome is awake now, but you can't see her until I explained some things to her. Do I make myself clear?" Sesshomaru explained in dogmatic way.

      The fire fox demon, now fully grown into a young man that looked no more than twenty nodded, "Oh I understand completely. Anything for Kagome. I mean she was like a mother to me when I was nothing more than a kit."

"When you say anything, so you really mean anything?" Sesshomaru asked, testing the waters.

Shippo blinked his green eyes and became very serious, "When I said anything for Kagome I meant it."

"I'm glad to hear it because this case is special. It's a young human male and I can't trust him to just anyone…" the lord was about to explain further when Shippo interjected.

"Now hold on, you want me to become a donor to a human male? I know the side effects of being a donor and I don't want to risk being mated to a man. I don't swing that way."

      Sesshomaru growled, "You said you would do anything for Kagome and this is your chance to prove that you're not a liar. This is Kagome's little brother Souta and he needs your help. No one else took the case because of his survival rate. It's low and we need a demon strong enough to pull him out of the virus and all the other demons rejected his case. I can't trust anyone else to be loyal but you."

Shippo sat back on his chair and sighed, "Man you know how to manipulate people. I guess I have no choice, but if something goes wrong then I'm holding you responsible."

"I'm fine with that. Are we in an agreement then?" Sesshomaru asked while extending out his hand.

Shippo grasped it and shook hard, "For Kagome."

"For Kagome," Sesshomaru repeated.

      He didn't know why he wanted to help the Higurashi's so much, but he guessed that it all started with finding the cure. He never owed anyone anything, but Souta was the one who literally found the cure to PHV. He deserved a chance to live, but in his state… Sesshomaru was unsure. He wanted to try so that when he talked to Kagome he wouldn't be lying. This was turning into a huge mess.
The nickname of the disease is Purple Haze, and who planted it was Naraku from 500 years in the past. Those who catch the disease on time are put into pods to be frozen until a cure is found. Kagome, being one of these victims is thrust into a future where everything is uncertain and where a dog demon lord awaits her.

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Inuyasha cast Rumiko Takahashi
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